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I just decided to make a site dedicated to everything that I am interested in and love. This is just complete randomness!

Gia Carangi

By Numo · April 28, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

At age seventeen, Gia Carangi was working the counter at her father's Philadelphia luncheonette, Hoagie City. Within a year, Gia was one of the top models of the late 1970's, gracing the covers of Cosmopolitan and Vogue, partying at New York's Studio 54 and the Mudd Club, and redefining the industry's standard of beauty. She was the darling of moguls and movie stars, royalty and rockers.

Gia was also a girl in pain, desperate for her mother's approval and a drug addict on a tragic slide toward oblivion, who started going directly from $10,000-a-day fashion shoots to the heroin shooting galleries on New York's Lower East Side. Finally blackballed from modeling, Gia entered a vastly different world on the streets of New York and Atlantic City, and later in a rehab clinic. At twenty-six, she became on of the first women in America to die of AIDS, a hospital welfare case visited only by rehab friends and what remained of her family.

Angelina Jolie later starred in the HBO Film "Gia" which portrayed Gia's turbulent life. 


The Manson Girls

By Numo · February 21, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


If you do not know who I am talking about when I say "Manson Girls" I am talking about the hippie girls who followed the infamous Charles Manson in the late 60's early 70's.

I know that the whole story of the the Manson Family and the murders which involved such things as hippies, pretty girls, sex, drugs, music, murder and movie stars, is quite disturbing but I find the girls who followed Charlie Manson quite an interesting group.  It just mind boggles me as to why a group of young pretty girls would worship the ground Charles Manson walked on and some even went so far as to murder for him. 

The girls lived on a ranch and later in the dessert at Death Valley with Charlie and a large group of his followers including a few other males but mostly made up of young girls some who were under the age of 15.  He controled large sex orgies in which he was in charge of who had sex with who and what positions they would be in.  He controled when and what they ate which was a vegetarian diet of  thrown out food they fetched from garbage containers behind various grocery stores.  Charlie gave beatings to the girls who disobeyed him or who needed to be taught a lesson from a "father figure".  Dispite all of this they still loved Charlie and literally gave their life to him. 

It is said that the use of LSD played a big part in Charlie's mind control of the girls as LSD was a widely used drug in that day in age.  Charlie kept a constant supply of LSD and Pot in the group for daily use.

Three of the Manson Girls Susan Atkins, Patricia Krinwickle and Lesie Van Houton are still serving a life sentence in prison for the Tate/Labianca murders which are said to be orgastrated by Charlie.  Charlie's most devoted Manson Girl, Lynnette "Squeaky" Fromme, is serving a life sentence for the attempted assasination of President Ford.  Most of the other girls have released themselves from Charlie and are living normal lives with unknown whereabouts.

Below are pictures of the most well known Manson Girls:


Diane Lake "Snake"


Susan Atkins "Sadie Mae Glutz"


Leslie Van Houton


Patricia Krinwickle "Katie"


Nancy Pittman "Brenda"


Lynnette Fromm "Squeaky"


Ruth Ann Moorehouse "Ouish"


Sandra Good "Blue"

Linda Kasabian


Catherine Share "Gypsy"


Cathy Gillies "Cappy"




Elizabeth Wurtzel

By Numo · February 21, 2009 · 0 Comments ·




Elizabeth Wurtzel is an amazing American author who has resided in New York City most of her life.  She is a graduate of Harvard and Yale.  If you have not read any of her stuff, you have a lot to look forward to and I suggest that you begin by reading "Prozac Nation" and then on to the rest which is a total of four books (Prozac Nation, Bitch, Now More Again and The Secret of Life).  You will surely enjoy Prozac Nation if you ever had to deal with any emotional disorders in your life.  She just has this talent by putting words together to describe the misery of depression in such a way that it is how you wanna describe it but just cannot get out the words to describe it well enough, if that makes any sense at all.


Elizabeth is currently taking a break from writing.  She has graduated from Yale Law School and is an attorney at the prominent law firm of Boies, Schiller and Flexner in New York City.


A few of my favourite quotes by Elizabeth Wurtzel are as follows: 


"Insanity is knowing that what you're doing is completely idiotic, but still, somehow, you just can't stop it." 

      “I start to feel like I can’t maintain the facade any longer, that I may just start to show through. And I wish I knew what was wrong. Maybe something about how stupid my whole life is. I don’t know. Why does the rest of the world put up with the hypocrisy, the need to put a happy face on sorrow, the need to keep on keeping on?... I don’t know the answer, I know only that I can’t. I don't want any more vicissitudes, I don't want any more of this try, try again stuff. I just want out. I’ve had it. I am so tired. I am twenty and I am already exhausted.”

 “That's the thing about depression: A human being can survive almost anything, as long as she sees the end in sight. But depression is so insidious, and it compounds daily, that it's impossible to ever see the end. The fog is like a cage without a key.”

"...occasionally I wished I could walk through a picture window and have the sharp, broken shards slash me to ribbons so I would finally look like I felt."

     “I start to think there really is no cure for depression, that happiness is an ongoing battle, and I wonder if it isn't one I'll have to fight for as long as I live. I wonder if it's worth it.”

 “it's the people you are close to, the ones who love you, theo nes who have seen your heart, who have touched your soul- to them, it is obvious that something is wrong or missing. your heart and soul are missing. they feel it. it hurts them. it kills them.”

Britney Spears

By Numo · February 21, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


I have been a dedicated fan of Ms. Spears since I was 16 years old after my first viewing of "Hit Me Baby One More Time".  I was fascinated at Britney's dance moves, gorgeous body, sexiness and style.  From that moment on I was her #1 Fan and memorized every one of her music videos along with dance moves so I could break these outs during drunken parties with friends.  Everyone knew about my fascination of Britney and it still haunts me to this day.  I could not get enough of her and had every DVD, CD, poster, doll you name, anything to do with Britney was part of my collection and still is!  I finally got the chance in 2003 to see Britney live in concert and almost lost my mind.  I was in complete aww the whole show and I don't think I said a word, I was just head over heels for this woman. 

It broke my heart when she started that crazy downward spiral which began with her dating that fool Kevin Federline.  I think it all had something to do with the big break up with Justin to be honest. 

I lost a lot of respect for Britney last year when she started getting all crazy and shaved her head and made a complete fool out of herself.  I am happy seeing her get back into shape and starting a tour and all that but it will never be the same for me.  I just can't look at her with the same awwww as I did.  Don't get me wrong I am still a big fan of hers but I don't follow her every move like I once did.  I am very happy for her right now that she is putting a lot into her come back which is awesome.

Urban Exploration of Mental Asylums

By Numo · February 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


The old Mental Asylums fascinate me.  I have yet to go "urban exploring" which is defined as the examination of the normally unseen or off-limits parts of human civilization. 

Unfortunately, where I live there are no interesting places to go urban exploring but one of these days I will take a trip and go through one of these old asylums that are left with nothing but the scarred soles of the people who once occupied these horrible places. 

Check out www.youtube.com it has lots of great videos with beautiful pictures of these abandoned places.


Robert Pattinson

By Numo · February 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

I will start this Blog with my absolute favourite thing at this time in my life which is the above beautiful human being named Rob Pattinson.  I am just obsessed with him since the day I seen Twilight for the first time and then after seen it another three times.  I am now anxiously awaiting the DVD Release which is March 21, 2009.  I have never been this fascinated with a celebrity before and I actually think I am in love with this guy.  He is just gorgeous I could stare at pictures and videos of him all day long again and again.  He seems to be the most kindness guy always stopping to give autographs for his fans and get in pictures and give out hugs, he has an excellent sense of humor, is so down to earth, loves his little dog, he is a great musician and his acting is just amazing and oh that smile just makes me weak!  I even went so far as to write him because I had to let him know how much he captivates me and I hope to get an autographed picture back in the mail. 

This guy is an absolute dream and his career is just beginning he is definitely the new "it guy" and has a long way to go with his dazzling girls and women of all ages!


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